ND Agent Status

ND Agent is an agent running on the host where ND application under test is running. Its task is to provide communication channel between BCI Agent and ND Collector. In this section, user can view a list of ND agents along with their status. To view the ND agents list, click the Agent Info icon on the ND Home page.

On clicking this link, a new window is displayed. This window provides the status of machine agents and application agents. Machine agents are the cavisson monitoring agents (CMON) and application agents are the BCI agents or the ND agents.

Machine Agent Status

This section provides machine agent information, such as process id (PID), tier, server, server IP, operating system, version, agent start time, setting last updated time, status (either active/inactive), and action(s).

Application Agent Status

This section provides application agent information, such as PID, tier, server, instance, installation directory, agent type, version, agent start time, and status.

Operations on Agents

A user can perform the following operations on machine agent and application agent:

  • Searching an agent
  • Apply filters on agents
  • Download reports
  • Restart an agent
  • Refresh agent status list
  • View or update the settings

Searching an Agent

For searching an agent, use the search bar at the top-left section of the window. Enter the desired value to perform a search (in any column), the searched results are displayed accordingly. In the below image, we have searched ‘Instance1’ and system displays the results containing this text.

Apply Column Filters

A user can also apply column filters, which can work same as search, but can also be applied on multiple columns. To do this, click the  icon on the top-right corner of the window. The filter panel is displayed. Here, we have applied filter on two columns – ‘Server’ and ‘Agent Start Time’.

To hide column filters, click the  icon.

Download Reports

A user can also download reports of agent status in various formats, such as word, excel, and pdf. To do this, click the desired format, which is displayed at the bottom-left section of the screen.

Restart an Agent

The user can restart the machine agent. To do this, click the Restart icon  .

Refresh Agent Status List

On clicking the Refresh icon , the agent list gets refreshed and updated list id displayed on the panel.

View or Update the Settings

The user can view or update the machine configuration by clicking  or  icon in the Action(s) column.

  • View Configuration: On clicking the  icon, the following window is displayed where the user can view the current settings and advance settings of the machine.

  • Update Configuration: On clicking the  icon, the following window is displayed where the user can edit the settings of the machine.