Getting Started

NetDiagnostics configuration settings can be performed from NetDiagnostics Configuration window, which can be accessed from the NetDiagnostics Graphical User Interface (GUI) itself. Follow the below mentioned steps to get started with ND configuration window.

  1. Login to NetDiagnostics, the NetDiagnostics Home page is displayed. Go to the Configuration menu item and click Agent Config.

  1. The ND Configuration window is displayed:

Layout of Config GUI

ND Configuration window is divided into two panes – left pane and right pane. Left pane consists of a menu from where, on clicking it, the corresponding details are displayed on the right pane. From right pane, user can configure the application, profile, and instrumentation profile. User can also view the complete list or top five topologies from the Topology list section. Application list, profile list, and topology list is displayed on right pane by default. This can also be achieved by clicking the Home menu on the left pane.

Left Pane/Menu

  • Home
  • Application
  • Profile
  • Topology
  • Instrumentation Profile Maker
  • Instrumentation Finder
  • NDE Cluster Configuration
  • User Configured Settings
  • Download Agent Logs
  • Audit log

Right Pane

  • Application list
  • Profile list
  • Topology list

Run Time Changes

There is a toggle button to make the changes online/offline. To make the changes online, enable the toggle button. All the changes are executed online.

On disabling the toggle button, all changes are saved offline and are activated after enabling the toggle button.

Note: When a test is running and a user makes any changes in a profile, run time changes are applied for all the connected instances in the application. The change in the profile is denoted by a green dot against the profile name as displayed below: