Download Agent Logs

This feature helps the user to download any type of file located at the server. The user can also view the downloaded file. To use this feature, click the Download Agent logs  icon on the left panel. The Download Agent Logs window is displayed.

The user needs to provide the following information that is displayed in this window:

  • Tier / Server / Instance: A list of connected tier / server / instance. The user can use the search option in the drop-down list to select the required tier / server / instance.
  • Agent Type: It is the type of agent on which files are to be downloaded.
  • File Type: It is a drop-down list of pre-defined and custom paths, such as Logs, Scripts and Custom. Selecting ‘Logs’ displays logs within the ND_HOME directory. Selecting ‘Scripts’ displays scripts within the ND_HOME directory. Selecting ‘Custom’ prompts a user to provide the customized source path.
  • Advance Settings: To download Agent file, some parameters are required by NDC. The user can expand the advanced settings to view these parameters.
    • Timeout: This is the time (in minutes) after which the system stops waiting for the response. Its default value is 10 minutes.
    • Compressed Mode: If the user selects this, the file is downloaded in compressed mode. By default, the file is downloaded in non-compressed mode.
    • Execute Forcefully: If the user selects this, request is processed forcefully and priority is provided for its execution as compared to those in which this option is not selected.

Clicking Reset sets all the fields with their default values and also refreshes the connected instances list in case any instance goes Active / Inactive.

Click Show Files to display a list of files (at the provided Tier > Server > Instance path) with size on the right panel. The user can also search for the file name, file size and its modification time.

The user can also use the Download and View option. By clicking this button, the user can download the selected file with the provided name and destination, and also view the file content on the bottom panel.