NetCloud product is for doing load testing from the cloud. It has a controller/generator setup. Performance tests can be executed from various load generators in the cloud.

  • One controller is used to manage several load generators.
  • In this setup, one or more controllers can be used but they will not share same load generators at the same time.
  • Controller can also work as a load generator and vice-versa.

Advantages of NetCloud

  • Effective unlimited storage
  • Quick availability of the infrastructure with scalability
  • Reduction in execution time of testing of large applications
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy Managing Geographical Distribution of Users
  • High Quality Service Delivery

Concept of Controller and Generator


  • Controller is used to manage several load generators
  • Controller can be in the cloud (External) or in the customer test environment (Internal)
  • After test is over, we move TR to controller from generator
  • Controller can also work as load generator and vice-versa


  • One or more load generators can be used
  • Load generator can be in the cloud (External) or in the customer test environment (Internal)
  • Generator is only for running test


Steps for NetCloud Test

  1. Develop User Scenarios: Simulate real world Web users by using cloud testing services
  2. Design Test cases: It includes the cases to be executed
  3. Select cloud service provider: Provided by cloud platform vendors such as, Google, Rackspace, Microsoft, etc. to generate web traffic that originates from around the world
  4. Setup Infrastructure: Set all the hardware/software configurations to run the NetCloud test
  5. Leverage Cloud servers: Take the servers on lease
  6. Start Testing: Testing is started
  7. Monitor the testing goals: Through real-time dashboards for a complete analysis of how the applications and the internet will perform during peak volumes.
  8. Deliver results: Results are delivered


NetCloud Features

  • The load generators are configured in a file having fields GeneratorName, IP, CavMonAgentPort, Location, Work, Type.
  • NetCloud supports C type script.
  • When a NetCloud test is run then Scenario, Script without dump and temp & Data files are copied from controller to generator.
  • Monitor Profiles are applied at controller only.
  • Merging feature in NetCloud is required to do monitoring from single dashboard GUI & Report generations etc.
  • Users are distributed across generators in Round Robin fashion.
  • NetCloud Compare report uses field “Time option” as Total Run, Specified Time, By phase to perform comparison of different generators data.
  • NetCloud Supports Drill down Report where we make all generator’s .csv files available to controller.