Installing Cavisson CavBin

Cavisson CavBin is a platform for setting the environment for various cavisson products, such as NetStorm (NS), NetDiagnostics (ND), and NetOcean (NO).

Follow these steps to install NetStorm software on NetStorm server:

  1. Open a terminal window (using left mouse button). Ensure that the user is working as root.
  2. Create following directory: mkdir /root/cavisson_libs.
  3. Copy Cavisson Software (CavBin file) in /root/cavisson_libs directory as provided.
  4. Run the command cd /root/cavisson_libs.
  5. Make the CavBin permission executable. chmod +x Cav4.3.0.38.Ubuntu1604_64.bin.
  6. Execute the 3.0.38.Ubuntu1604_64.bin in /root/cavisson_libs location by the command: ./ Cav4.3.0.38.Ubuntu1604_64.bin.
  1. After executing the CavBin, enter ‘1’ for fresh NS installation.

Initialising kernel version …
min 1204 max 1604
Starting NetStorm Installation. Start Date: 04/24/20, Time: 04:18:05
1 for Installation, 2 for Upgrade Packages

  1. For DNS configuration, enter appropriate value (y /n).

Configuring DNS server
To configure DNS server name, enter y else n: n

  1. Press ‘y’ for kernel related packages installation. Press ‘n’ to skip its installation.


    • For installation on Ubuntu ver. 16.04.02, kernel related packages installation is required.
    • For installation on Ubuntu ver. 16.04.06, kernel related packages installation is NOT required.
  1. Press ‘n’ to skip the ldap related packages installation. (Not Required)

  1. Enter system configurations.

Enter System Configuration
Enter 1 for NetStorm and 2 for NetOcean and 3 for NetVision and 4 for NetStorm + NetOcean and 5 for NetCloud and 6 for NetDiagnostics: 6
Enter the NetDiagnostics Admin Interface: [As provided by the vendor] 
Enter the NetDiagnostics Admin IP (Enter in IP/Netbits format): [As provided by the vendor]
Enter the NetDiagnostics Admin Gateway to reach NetOcean Admin IP (Enter -, if none): –
Enter the NetDiagnostics Load Interface(s), if multiple enter as eth1|eth2 : [Use admin interface]

 Note: This completes the CavBin Installation.
  1. Reboot the system by command ‘reboot’ for successful installation.

          Note: Reboot the system irrespective the installation of kernel packages.
  1. Run the command bash –l so that changes can be reflected to support NS successfully.
    • Select ‘1’ for work.

    • Check the release by command nsu_get_version. Below is just an example, this displays the details of the latest version:

  1. Check the CavBin release by command nsu_get_version -C.

15. Check the Postgres status by command /etc/init.d/postgress status.

16. Check the tomcat running status by command ps -ef | grep tomcat.

  1. Check the product UI, if product type is NetStorm, the NetStorm Login page is displayed.