NetTest is a Cavisson methodology used to identify the unique functional test cases that need to be automated for coverage of application functionality as observed in production deployment by using NetVision captured data.

NetTest Architecture

The below image displays the complete architecture of NetTest.

As shown in above diagram:

  • NetTest processes real user sessions captured by NetVision to generate knowledge base.
  • Its test generation engine uses collected knowledge base and real user sessions to generate the test cases.
  • It creates RBU script corresponding to all those test cases, which are added in Test DB.
  • It uses NetCloud for execution of these RBU scripts i.e. test cases.

Login to NetTest

Follow the below mentioned steps to login into NetTest portal:

  1. Enter the following URL (http://hostname/ProductUI/#/login) in the address bar of the browser and press ENTER. The NetTest login window is displayed.

2. Enter the Username and Password and click the Login The execution dashboard is displayed by default. A user can also view this dashboard by going to Test Plan Execution > Execution Dashboard. This section is explained in detail later.

The NetTest home page consists of a left pane and a right pane. The left pane contains menu to perform various actions, such as test case generation, scheduling and execution of test plans, and others. The right pane contains the details and summary of these actions.