How (not) to harm your applications in production environment?

How (not) to harm your applications in production environment?

This question always stalks application owners as all applications break during production with some known or unknown issues. This directly impacts customer experience as well as revenue.

However, it doesn’t have to be like this. And, can be avoided with proper performance testing to ensure there aren’t any known issues left un-fixed, followed by production monitoring to ensure the developers and engineers stay alerted for any unknown issues and are able to fix them proactively

Impacts to Your Production Environment

There are numerous ways to negatively impact the performance of any application. The best one is, inability to recreate production-like scenario within the testing environment. A Internet-True simulation can not only help you identify following issues early in the application life cycle but even suggest a fix:

  • Code break
  • Exceptions
  • Slow server response
  • Slow response from third-party services,
  • High CPU overhead and memory footprint of server

And, there are tons of other ways to bring down the performance of your application in production environment. For example, inability to:

  • Balance the load
  • Leverage cache services
  • Configure server / hardware for minimal CPU overhead and memory footprint

How to Ensure Maximum Quality, Performance, and Availability

  • Recreate production-like scenarios: Perform meaningful tests with repeatable and consistent test results.
  • End-to-end monitoring and diagnostics: The APM solution for continuous monitoring must support end-to-end monitoring and diagnostics capabilities.
  • Drill-down and RCA: The end-to-end monitoring must offer drill-down capability from any layer – Customer experience or the client / browser layer, network layer, server / application layer, log layer, to conduct root cause analysis of any performance issue.
  • Code Level visibility: Solution must be able to pin point the root cause at the most granular level.

Cavisson NetDiagnostics is the most comprehensive, enterprise-ready, performance monitoring and diagnostics software solution that is capable of not just achieving all of the above but practically what all is achieved by 2 or more different enterprise products for performance monitoring. Cavisson NetDiagnostics is the basis for end-to-end performance monitoring and diagnostics platform that provides ability to:

  • Monitor Customer Experience
  • Monitor Network, Server, Application health
  • Monitor and analyze logs for root cause analysis

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