40% Online Customers Abandon Transactions Upon Facing Issues

And majority of these move on to alternative sites. According to a research, a mobile user is 5X more likely to abandon and move on to alternatives.

Are you aware that a mobile user is likely to make a purchase decision 3x faster than a user on another channel?


I trust you’ve optimized the buying experience for your customers shopping via mobile channel, and are fully prepared to handle this year’s peak and holiday season sales. I wish you the very best season and hope your applications stay clear of any performance issues!

I remember not using a particular app for almost an year until I came across a product I needed had exclusivity with e-commerce company owning that app. However 90% of the mobile users never use an app again after facing performance issues.

If this is not enough to establish the fact that “mobility” is already a key factor, then let me throw one more important stat – approximately 85% of shoppers research online before buying, and 90% of these researches happen using mobile channel.

I hope you are now beginning to join the dots… 🙂

And by the way, 70% of product researches convert into a purchase, and men are more likely to buy online (and some within an hour on mobile).

Though you may have had enough experience already, dealing this for many years, just to ensure you have all the gaps bridged, here are few more stats to offer some intel:

An average shopping cart abandonment rate is just around 70%

Though majority of it has been cited because of high shipping costs, but clearly, we’ve found that no express checkout option, lengthy forms, and complex checkout process is equally responsible for abandoned shopping carts.

And, then there are other reasons of exits such as: An unresponsive site is highly likely to lead to an abandoned or a failed transaction. And, I am sure you must’ve heard that 1 minute downtime equals $6K loss.

At Cavisson we believe in:

  1. Eliminating performance bottlenecks early in the application development cycle, and
  2. Ensure, users stay alerted whenever performance impacts revenue

There are significant reasons why some of the world’s leading brands rely on us for their performance engineering initiatives. You may want to contact us to learn more, but I recommend following this link to a CIO Review report featuring Cavisson among 10 Most Promising APM Solution Providers 2017.

*views my own but want to acknowledge the source of information researched – Business Insider, Gartner, Forrester, Digital River, Adobe, Salesforce, Accenture, Capgemini, GE Capital Bank, and google.*

Shashank is responsible for global Marketing and Product Management at Cavisson Systems Inc.

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